You have to remember this: We, the general public, have a very limited viewpoin

You have to remember this:

We, the general public, have a very limited viewpoint on how things fit together. Limited, because we truly do not know all of the pieces in the first place.

Keep your eyes open. Use critical thinking skills. Brush up on your reading comprehension skills.

Realize that this is not a linear, flat, one-sided object. It’s a 3-dimensional object that we’re still building.

Just because it LOOKS like one thing, doesn’t mean it is.

Sorta like doing a connect the dots puzzle. . .

We might not be able to see the full scope of what the object is until we’ve connected all, or most, of the dots.

At this point, we have to use our limited knowledge to think rationally and reasonably BASED ON what do we DO know to be true and factual.

Because anything else is just speculation.

Why does that matter?

It matters because speculation literally means ‘guess.’ And an interesting synonym of speculation?


Look, an attorney doesn’t walk into a courtroom on the either side of the table based on speculation. They have to KNOW. They have to have FACTS. A judge won’t even issue a warrant based on speculation.

So, neither can we.

We cannot, without hurting ourselves and others, continue to present theories and opinions as fact. Present them, if you feel it aligns with your opinion, but don’t play them off as factual and say others are stupid or ‘not woke’ or whatever else if they disagree with you.

Until a theory or an idea is proven, it’s simply an opinion.

And that is fact.


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