Y’all think maybe the shit you keep promoting that keeps getting removed just mi


Y’all think maybe the shit you keep promoting that keeps getting removed just might keep getting removed because it’s fake?? And that maybe instead of continuing to spread it, you should just stop.



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  1. No, Annie, FB and Youtube are taking down videos and posts from physicians who are sharing their experiences and local statistics of infection.

    I mean, we’re not talking about Alex Jones, here.

    All they have to say for justification is: “doesnt meet community standards.”
    They’re not showing different statistics or contradicting results.
    It’s that exact kind of thing that makes the rest of us (who aren’t always prone to conspiracy theories) to question the motive.

    My own Father allowed me to discover truth for myself when I was a kid. I don’t need young Mr Zuckerburg to step in where Daddy left off.

  2. Adding to my previous comment as Noam Chomsky writes: “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum….
    It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re totalitarian institutions – you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. There’s about as much freedom as under Stalinism.”

  3. I think it’s vitally important to view the source of anything we read, and certainly if we are going to pass it on (share it). There has to be some vetting, because anyone can say anything. I’m happy that this issue is being discussed and realized by many people. For decades, my brother has mocked me for asking him to ‘cite his source’. He would come up with all kinds of statistics that someone merely told him. Of course anyone can have any opinion they want, but it has to mean *something* otherwise it’s just like arguing with a drunk. Understanding critical thinking IS vital, IMO. I haven’t read most of the comments in this thread, I may go back and do that.

  4. I would love to see an example of something that was taken down that someone here believes should have been allowed to propagate. That may be hard bc if it’s already gone we can’t see it. But I’d be interested in an example.

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