Working on Energy + Insight Reports this morning while hanging out with Mr. Bubs.

Who else wants one? It’s Pay What You Want.

Here’s how it works:

You fill out the questionnaire with whatever situation you’re requesting insight with. It can be health, business, work, family, relationships, mindset, or whatever you need some support around.

I’ll tune into your situation, clear the energy and align your energy to the best and highest outcome for you. I’ll also tune into any messages that might want to come through for you.

Once that is complete, I will write up a report for you with details on what came through, any messages I received for you, any intuitive insights I felt, and offer you some exercises to help you through the situation.

The regular price for this is $97 and I’m offering it for Pay What You Want right now.

If you’re interested, shoot me a private message with your preferred payment method, the amount you wish to pay, and your best email address. We’ll work out details, you’ll submit payment, and then I’ll send you the link for the questionnaire. I can accept PayPal, Cash App, Apple Pay, or Venmo.