Who’s up for an Energy + Insight Reading? I haven’t done these in a few months

Who’s up for an Energy + Insight Reading?

I haven’t done these in a few months but as things are shifting of late, it’s time to offer them now.

Here’s how it works. . .

Head to my website, read the process description, and submit your payment.

Once your payment is made, it’ll redirect you to the questionnaire automatically. Fill out, hit send and I’ll receive an email copy right away.

Give me a few days to go over your questionnaire. I’ll tune into the energy, clear anything that needs clearing, move any energy that needs to be moved, listen for any messages your guides might wish to share with you, and assess your next steps.

Then, I write up a detailed report about the clearing, the messages I received (if any) and give you action steps you can take to move forward.

I’ll email you the PDF report within a few days after purchase (except weekends/holidays). From that point, you have either 7 days or 6 weeks of unlimited email/Voxer support to help you work through anything that comes up.

If you choose the 6 week series, you also get weekly energy attunements to help further your progress and so you get full benefit of shifting the issue/ energy and maintaining the new energy we’ll bring in. You also get 6 full weeks of unlimited email/Voxer support.

Use the code SUMMER20 for a special deal on the single report option. That will give you about 40% off. The code is good through July 5th.




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