Who loves audiobooks?? Tell me why I should, too. . . I have an Audible subsc

Who loves audiobooks??

Tell me why I should, too. . .

I have an Audible subscription and currently have 4 unused credits. And pretty much every audiobook I’ve actually purchased (which, turns out, is A LOT), I’ve not really ‘read’

BUT I just don’t have the bandwidth these days to physically READ a book and I miss reading. Up until last year, I typically read 10 books per week.

Yes, per week! I read quite fast, obviously, and have a photographic memory.

So, give me your tips and tricks for audiobooks!

And if you wish, share a couple of your favorites.


5 thoughts on “Who loves audiobooks?? Tell me why I should, too. . . I have an Audible subsc”

  1. So, I don’t think you should. Audio input is not for everyone. My husband prefers audio to print, my sister never touches anything in audio. I’m in the middle. Audio works for me when: It’s kind of mindless (audio if I want to deeply take in something doesn’t work for me) and when I have something else to do with my hands. So I listen to audio when driving, running errands (like shopping), doing chores or painting/sewing. My hands are occupied, my mind is not fully occupied and an audiobook fills the gap.

    If you haven’t listened to any the you might fall between me or my sister and maybe they just aren’t for you.

  2. I listen to my audible books while I’m on the treadmill or working out. Often I increase the speed they speak at to 1.5 to 2x speed depending on how slow they speak so I don’t get bored.
    If I like the book I’ll buy the hard copy to mark up the bits I liked.

    If you stop your subscriptions for a while they’ll offer you big discounts to rejoin down the track

  3. I listen to mine via my phone via Bluetooth headphones so I don’t even realize it’s my phone. I MUCH prefer non-fiction. I listen when I’m doing just about everything – driving, working, cooking, etc.

    A lot of times I realize I’ve missed something but I just back it up with my headphones a bit and keep listening – I’m it really missing any time because I’m still doing whatever I was doing.

    It’s an efficiency thing for me. I used to be a heavy reader and just don’t have time anymore.

  4. I’ve been Audible customer for about 20 years. Listen on Bluetooth ear buds from my kindle. Phone notices too distracting plus the battery problem. Also, if you have a Fire Stick you can listen to Audible app from your tv. I listen to mostly non fiction, enjoyed the latest political listens and Becoming, mostly like autobiographies. Also every once in awhile I listen to a fiction mystery, usually about a sleuth who has a cat to help out in solving. LOL. sometimes you just need to get away from Reality! 🎉

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