What IS the Five Things Method?

The Five Things Method is a very simple method of ONLY doing your most important tasks for the day or week. It’s meant to streamline your productivity and not feel overwhelming because you have too many tasks on your plate.

So, each day, you choose the Top 5 Things you need or want to get done. And I’m not talking about the dishes and mundane chores we KNOW we have to do regularly. I’m talking about the STUFF that makes your life and business THRIVE.

Like… writing a new blog post. Or contacting that big potential client. Or creating that invoice you’ve been putting off. And things like meetings and appointments you made commitments to. Things that MOVE you FORWARD.

Why Only Five Things?

Well, it’s simple… when we have these huge lists of Stuff. We. Must. Do. nothing gets done because it’s overwhelming and we don’t know WHERE to start. So – we DON’T start at all.

And I’ve found 5 things to be just enough to get things done without that overwhelming factor. Just enough to feel productive every day.

Each day is about mindfulness. It’s about knowing where you’re headed and why you’re headed there. It’s about being grateful for all of the blessings you have in life and part of the Five Things Method is writing out Five Things your grateful for every day. It’s also about writing out your VISION – what want you the day to look like.

There’s NO Wrong Way

Please know that you can’t fuck this system up! It’s meant to be used in the way that flows naturally for you. Use the pages you like, skip the ones you don’t. Simple as that. You CANNOT do it wrong!

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