We found out that some of our furniture and stuff has been damaged in storage.

We found out that some of our furniture and stuff has been damaged in storage.

Looks like we might be living minimalist for a while!

We’re probably going to have to replace our couches and chairs and maybe a few mattresses. Quite possibly blankets and sheets and things like that too.

I’m not looking forward to this.

We do have renters insurance – and when we first put everything in storage, they told us that the insurance would cover storage as well so hopefully we can get some compensation for things that will have to be replaced.

Anybody got any tips and tricks for getting water and mold damage out of things?


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  1. I saw someone ask this on a community page yesterday and unfortunately the mold does not come completely out of furniture and beds. It’s too risky to continue using since there are health issues associated with mold. So sorry you are dealing with this. What a pain

  2. Having helped clean out flooded homes twice in my city now, I can attest to the general advice being to throw out anything soft that can’t be laundered. I hate that your stuff got damaged in storage! That sucks. :/

  3. I agree with Cassandra. Mold ruins things.
    Be sure to take detailed photos from many different angles while things are still inside the storage unit. You need lots of proof of damage, and that it all happened in the storage unit.
    So dang sorry.

  4. I’m having so much success buying furniture on FB marketplace. I got a 1500 dollar leather recliner in perfect condition for 100. And a 1000 dollar headboard for 50. (I looked up the original prices.) And a patio set worth thousands for 100. I’ve been watching tutorials on painting upholstered furniture with chalk or latex paint for some free cushions and curtains I picked up too. Looks easy.

  5. In my experience mold is very difficult to get out of fabric.. it´s possible to try to talk to businesses that clean clothes..(not sure what that is called in english) I have used them here in Iceland for cleaning clothes that had really bad smell, it worked for some of them.. the wollen stuff did not work..

  6. Ha! When we relocated from Ireland to Austin TX in the midst of the pandemic, we did not bring furniture.

    Little did we know how hard it would be to buy. Factories were backlogged because of Covid lockdowns.

    So, two IKEA chairs, some folding chairs we bought at Costco along with a dining table, a bean bag, two mattresses and two bed frames was all we had for months.

    It was fun, actually, to have time and make plans for a totally new kind of style and furniture.

    Enjoy the process. In 20 years, these are the stories your kids will still talk about. Make them good ones.

    Best of luck.

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