This week’s Tech Tip. . . COMPRESS YOUR IMAGES Compressing your images reduces

This week’s Tech Tip. . .


Compressing your images reduces the file size which helps your site run faster and saves valuable storage space.

Fast site speed is the holy grail of running a website: both visitors and search engines love a fast loading site.

There are many online tools where you can compress your images for free, such as, ImageResize, and Optimizilla. All you do is upload the images you want to compress, then download the final versions once they’ve been optimized. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t even need to download any software.

And if you have images on your WordPress site that are not compressed, you can install a plugin like WP Smush,, EWWW Image Optimizer, or ShortPixel Image Optimizer and they will compress images already on your site plus any others you upload in the future.


For best results, unless you need a transparent background, you should be using .jpg (or .jpeg) images, rather than .png. They’re typically a smaller file size right off the bat. And if you can, use an .svg file for your logo/header images.

If you’re using Photoshop to create your images, when saving, choose ‘save for web’ as that automatically compresses the file and optimizes it for your website.

The bottom line: using compressed images saves space and speeds up your website, both of which can have significant impact on your SEO and your visitor’s experience.


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