This is my “I’m over it!” face… LOL

Friday we were able to pick up mom’s car from the shop which was a good 35ish mile drive. It wasn’t too bad on the way up, just a little light rain.

But on the way back, it started raining so hard, you couldn’t see ANYTHING on the freeway. The rain was bouncing back up from the road and I had the wipers on full blast!! Still couldn’t see Jack diddly.

The lightning sure was amazing tho!!

My car probably really needs new tires plus they’re low profile so not always the best in super heavy rain. . .

Everyone slowed way down to like 35mph (the speed limit there is 70).

So we pulled off the freeway and into a gas station convenience store for a bit until it let up some.

But now, it’s been super rainy with thunder, lightning, and wind for the past 3 days and I’m over it. . .