This is it! International #IStandForLove Day is a simple call to action to unite

This is it! International #IStandForLove Day is a simple call to action to unite people from all over the world that believe in the power of love.

What if small acts of love and kindness could tip the scales in the direction of justice and healing?

That’s what we set out to create on #IStandForLoveDay August 8th!

The goal:
To fill the airwaves with love.
To cause an interruption in the regularly scheduled programming of division.
To declare that a loving world is possible and WE are HERE for IT.

#Together we can create a ripple effect in our families, neighborhoods, towns and online spaces.

Be a part of the ripple on #August8th because believe it or not Your love changes the world.

It’s easy to participate in I Stand For Love Day 🎉

1. Take a photo of yourself (extra credit for wearing a heart and/or holding a sign that says #IStandForLove).

2. Post it on your favorite social media platform and declare your stand.

3. Tag @istandforlove and use the hashtag #IStandforlove to strengthen the web of world wide love!

4. Take that love in your heart and go do a random act of kindness in the world. Your unique expression can truly change someone’s life.

What if thousands of people taking a stand and focusing on love all on the same day could actually create a shift? There’s only one way to find out!
Join the movement and put your heart in to it! Share it with your people today! Let’s go #teamlove


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