This is important…

Hey team – so as bad as Texas was hit with the winter storms, they are not the only ones who suffered.

Half of Jackson, Mississippi hasn’t had water for weeks now, and I’ve seen zero about it here on Facebook. I’m only just now finding out on Twitter.

Why does this matter?

Jackson is 82% Black. Texas is 73% white.

Which state’s worth more electoral votes? Guess who is getting federal relief and who isn’t?

And just like in Flint, MI, the problem is longstanding, systematic, and this pushed the city past the brink.

So just to recap, that’s racism in media coverage, systematic injustice due to the racist electoral college, climate change disproportionately effecting communities of color…

IDC which issue you pick, but pick one and do something about it today. The reinvention co will be donating to Cooperation Jackson today, and I hope you’ll consider it if you’re in a position to.