This is for all Moms – You are amazing. You are infinitely loved. You are worth

This is for all Moms –

You are amazing. You are infinitely loved. You are worthy. And even when you feel like you’re the worst mom in the world, know that it will be ok, even though you might royally screw it up now and then.

Because you know what? Sometimes being a mom is the hardest damn job in the world. And then sometimes – nay, all the time – it is the most rewarding. The most magical. The most valuable. And YOU are a gift. Your children are a gift.

Do your best every moment possible. Show up 100%, fully present, wholly committed to your gifts and be love. Be truth. Be honor. Most of all – be YOU, flaws and imperfections included.

Nobody expects you to be perfect. Especially not your children. All they want is you, your presence and your infinite love.

I’ve been blessed in this life with a great mom and amazing children and today, I honor each of them. Not only do I celebrate my mom on Mother’s Day, but my children too. Because they are my greatest treasure. They inspire me every day to reach higher.

Allison, Gabriel, Marissa and Nathan – you are my everything.

And for all the amazing moms I know, may your day be blessed and know, deep within your heart and soul, that you are love and you are loved. You have touched my heart and I’m grateful you’re in my life. ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day, friends.

I love you.


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