This is a story I will share every year because. . . On August 5, 1987 my life

This is a story I will share every year because. . .

On August 5, 1987 my life changed forever. It’s a date I will never forget.

I was 14 years old and bike riding with 2 friends – Kari & Tamara. They were both riding 10 speed bikes and I had a brand spanking new bmx style bike that I had just finished building the day before. I don’t think the paint was even all the way dry yet!

They both decided they couldn’t turn on the road at the bottom of the hill because there was a truck coming but since I had a smaller bike with a much better turning radius, I figured I still had a shot.

Well, Tamara slowed down about the time I went to turn and I hit her back tire. Kari then couldn’t avoid us and hit me which caused me to flip over my handlebars, over Tamara and land what would have been face-first on the pavement.

Fortunately, I was quick thinking and covered my face and head with my arms but I slid 25 feet down the road on my arm, shoulder and hip, severely damaging my elbow. You could see all the way inside my arm – muscles, tendons, bone. It was a raw, bloody mess. (I still have gravel embedded in my arm, for real. No joke.)

I spent much of the next 2 years in a cast and had 3 surgeries. At the time, I thought I’d never be able to write or draw again. The 2 things in the world that meant the most to me.

Little did I know, that was the day a new awakening began to happen within me. A strong, almost overwhelming, desire to help people and to be of service. To change the world. A seed that had been planted years before. . .

After many twists and turns over the past 32 years, I’ve finally accepted that calling. Oh sure. . . I dabbled with it now and then in between drawing and writing and graphic design but I chose to devalue it and the contribution I could make because I didn’t believe I was powerful enough, good enough, strong enough, smart enough, old enough, beautiful enough, expert enough.

Turns out, the only thing I wasn’t, was trusting enough. I had no faith in myself, my abilities, my message. I had no trust in god that I would be led in the right direction, if only I would allow the path to unfold, one step (or leap) at a time.

In a conversation with my coach a few years back, I realized – and FULLY CLAIMED – one thing. . . I have a RIDICULOUS mission on this planet and the ONLY THING that matters is standing in that powerful space, owning and embracing and LOVING WHO I AM.

Today I am letting go of things that only serve as a distraction, even things I LOVE and ADORE.

Today I claim WHO I AM:
Bold. Wild. Fierce. Powerful. Intuitive.
Visionary. Leader. Strong. Courageous
Loving. Open. Soft. Smart. Badass.

Today I commit to no longer hiding. To no longer diminishing myself, my light, my truth. To BEING ALL of me.


To create a world where no one knows poverty, where no one knows hunger. A world without violence and without war.

And I’m calling other powerful visionaries to stand with me because NOW is the time. . .

The world is waiting for YOUR special brand of magic, too.


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