The word ‘apocalypse’ is a Middle English word taken from Latin and Greek and me

The word ‘apocalypse’ is a Middle English word taken from Latin and Greek and means “to uncover or reveal.”

Interesting, isn’t it?

Because most people tend to think it means mass destruction or the end of the world. It probably conjures images of dystopia or combat zones. Perhaps it conjures images of Mad Max post-apocalyptic style destruction.

The truth is, an apocalypse is a simultaneous collapse and renewal. A literal revelation.

While the old systems and paradigms fail and crumble and fall away, the new rises and expands in it’s place. It’s a revival, a restoration, an awakening.

Think of it more like the mythical Phoenix burning itself to ashes and then rising anew in the midst of it’s own revelation.

Right now is the time for innovation and creation. . . and rest.

Right now is the time to go deeply within so you can discover the treasures already there, the treasures the world is calling YOU to bring forward.

Healers, light warriors, leaders, visionaries, change-makers, activists, energy workers, mystics, artists, teachers. . .


You can no longer hide in the shadows. You can no longer sit in the back of the room, hoping to go unnoticed – and yet, yearning to be recognized.

You must step to the forefront. You must allow yourself to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged. You must speak the truth from your heart and soul.


I know the world seems like a scary place with all that is going on. I know it’s easy to just tuck yourself away, inside, holed up in your home while on lockdown. You’re feeling scared and anxious and unsure. And I get it. I do.

And yet I know you were born for this. You were built for this. Every thread in the fabric of your universe has brought you here to create a new world.

One that is just. One that is free of racism and hatred and war. A world in which poverty and disparity and anger and hatred and fear are gone.

We can create a world of love and peace in One Generation. It is time.

Where love leads, it is time to follow.

And I’d love to help and support you during this time.


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