The sound of a firetruck, of an ambulance rolling forcefully, quickly, steadily

The sound of a firetruck, of an ambulance rolling forcefully, quickly, steadily down the road, it’s siren blaring, haunting still makes my heart pound every time I hear it.

As it gets close, my heart stops for just a moment and I hold my breath.

And I hear the rush of blood in my ears as my heart pounds heavily once more and my breath quickens. My palms damp with perspiration.

Until it passes.
Until I’m sure my family is safe.

As the years have passed since my daughter’s attempt. so has the severity of my heart palpitations every time I hear siren.

But it’s not only because of the passing of time. . .

Years ago, I began honing daily rituals and practices to keep myself grounded, to keep myself centered and calm even in the midst of pain and fear and hurt. To keep myself balanced in the face of adversity.

The calm within the storm.

And I know how frightening and how daunting this chaos around the world is right now. I know how exhausting it is. How scary the uncertainty is. I get it.

You can give in to that fear and that chaos and let it swirl around and wreak havoc on your life, on your inner world as well as your outer world. . .

Or you can take the reigns.

It’s your choice. At any moment, you can choose how to respond. You can choose to be unavailable to the chaos and fear and the uncertainty.

And even though you cannot control the world around you, and even though you cannot control other people or how they respond, you can always control YOU.

You can control your own responses. Your own reactions. Your own thoughts.

If that’s something you can use help with right now, I’ve created a 30 day program to help you do just that. To help you tune in to your own presence. To the presence of spirit and to the love and freedom within you so that you can stand grounded in love and truth, even in the midst of turmoil.

Every day for 30 days, I’ll share my process with you, step by step. You’ll receive lessons and videos to support you as you follow along the journey.

We’re starting on Monday the 14th – that’s tomorrow – and for the next few days, I’m offering a pay what you can deal (there is a minimum of $10). After that, it goes up to $197.

Join us via the link in the comments.


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