The mission of One Generation Peace Coalition is to end war, poverty, violence,

The mission of One Generation Peace Coalition is to end war, poverty, violence, division, and fear. It’s to encourage compassion and empathy. To empower all of humanity, and youth and young adults, especially, to live from a place of love, purpose, and freedom.

To cultivate love and peace in One Generation.

And I know sometimes I’m going to say things that are controversial. I might say things that you might think are out of line. You might question my ideas and my motivations and my reasons.

I’m cool with that.

What I’m not cool with is harmful assumptions. Or inconsiderate assumptions. Or assumptions, period.

What I’m not cool with is judgements and blame and unfounded accusations.

I’m just not here for it.


Because isn’t that how we – collectively as a nation and as a world at large – got ourselves into this mess we’re now trying to clean up?

We got here through harmful and inconsiderate assumptions. We got here through prejudices and biases. Through judgments and blame and accusations, and, for some, privilege.

Our judgments and fear – and privilege – lead us here.

And my work in the world, the mission I am here for, is to dismantle hate and fear and privilege. To unite our nations through love and truth, through freedom and purpose.

And no, just because my mission is love and peace DOES NOT mean that I don’t get angry. It doesn’t mean that I’m all “love and light” all the time. Nor that I should be. Which, by the way, is a form of spiritual bypassing.

That’s the flip side to how we got here. . .

Spiritual bypassing. Thinking that we have to be all love and light and no anger. That we have to be positive at every moment of every day. That we have to eliminate the darkness and the shadows.

But THAT is harmful, even more so, than anything else.

Because it gives rise to bullying and coercion and violence. It turns a blind eye to the things we’re seeking to stop. To injustice. To the very reason we are here. Now.

And that’s not the flame I want to light. That’s not the flame we are here to light.

We are here to light the flame of community. Of contribution. Of love. We are here to light the flame of accord, of freedom, of hope.

The flame of connection and peace.

That’s the torch I want to bear.

But it doesn’t mean I will not be angry. It doesn’t mean I will go quietly away when faced with discomfort or that I will turn away from the horrors and injustice my fellow humans experience. That I will stand idly by.

It means I will run into the fray to help and to serve. To stand up for truth and justice and love. That I will do more than send “thoughts and prayers” (another form of spiritual bypassing).

That I will take action with my words, my spirit, my language, my resources.

That I will DO something to turn the tide of violence and fear and injustice. That I will stand up for those who have no voice. I will stand up for the downtrodden and for the underdog.

I will share my light, my truth, and my love to create a ripple across the planet like no other.

My voice will be heard.

And I want YOURS to be heard too. But division and blame is not the way.

The way is compassion. And let me tell you something about compassion that I think is often missed and misunderstood. . .

Compassion – and love – does not mean condoning violence or bad behavior. It doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you. Or allowing someone to bully you, hurt you, badger you, tease you, or threaten you.

Menacing behavior, aggressive behavior, manipulative behavior is absolutely grounds for doing what is necessary to protect yourself and others. It does not mean you aren’t compassionate.

The truth is, boundaries are loving.

And saying “no” to behavior that exhibits or encourages physical, emotional, or verbal harm is your absolute right and responsibility.

Because when you stand up for yourself in unsafe, unhealthy, toxic, or otherwise adverse situations, you also lend a voice to those who have none. You help to protect the voiceless.

THAT IS what I’m here for. ❤️


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