The house saga continues. . .

We moved closing to today but the appraisal was only done last Wednesday and unfortunately, has not come back yet. We’re hoping it comes back in the next day or two so they can finish underwriting.

Once that’s done, the loan funds should come through pretty quickly but this means closing will not happen today. Hopefully, it can happen in the next few days. We just need the appraisal docs to come back so we can get to the next step and to closing.

The sellers did say they’d be willing to let us move in early once our mortgage rep is 100% confident the loan will fund and it sounds like that can happen once the appraisal comes back and underwriting is done.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED AND SEND LOTS OF GOOD VIBES AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF that the appraisal comes back ASAP and the sellers let us move in this weekend!!!

We’re almost to the finish line!!