I remember this day clearly. . .

I was clear across the country from home – home being just 3 miles from this high school – with my coach when all of a sudden I started getting massive amounts of phone calls and texts from family and friends asking if my kiddos were ok.

And honestly, I was fucking terrified.

Even though my younger kids were in middle school and elementary school at the time and didn’t go to MP. My oldest was already in college and #2 was home schooling.

But I did – I graduated from this high school in 1991. It wasn’t my favorite place in the world. In fact, I hated going to school there.

See, I was an ‘outsider’ because I didn’t come to this town, this school district,… More

Today we remember those lost…#NeverForget, #MPHS, #WSCFF,#IAFF