L’Erin’s thoughts very closely echo my own. . .

#WiseWoman #LightWarrior #PeaceKeeper #LightBringer #FaithKeeper

My current inquiry: If these are in fact my last days, how do I want to spend them? Where do I want to direct my time, energy and attention? What have I been avoiding? How have I not been showing up?

If these are in fact my last days, what do I have left to give?

This inquiry was NOT from a place of panic, fear, “hustle,” or urgency, but from deep, rich, soulful presence.

Because NOW is the time to show up even BIGGER and BRIGHTER and MORE AUTHENTIC than ever.

It’s time to GIVE exactly what you want the world to have more of — love, peace, ease, grace, joy, pleasure, power, truth, trust, abundance, sweetness, beauty — and LEAD exactly how your soul calls.

No more excuses, delays or permissions.

Now is your time. Show up.