One Generation Peace Coalition – and all the work I do – is about making a posit

One Generation Peace Coalition – and all the work I do – is about making a positive impact through love, purpose and freedom. Building a bridge between what society has ingrained in us and our greatest potential. It’s about leadership and community and creating from that place of purpose and truth.

This movement is about healing the planet.

And what I’ve come to know is that when we strip away everything else, deep down we all want the same thing – peace and love.

Division is a man-made construct. At our inner-most core, we are ALL the same. We are all ONE essence. What separates us is within our own minds and hearts. What separates us is learned behavior, learned attitude. Separation itself is a man-made idea. We are NOT separate.

What we must understand is that it’s ok to be different. Those differences weren’t meant to keep us apart or to make us unequal. . . They were meant to teach us unconditional love and acceptance. It’s time we come together as what we are – the Human Race – and embrace all people, from all walks of life and unify as One.

Right now we have the greatest opportunity in history to come together, to RISE UP. To turn the tide of violence in our communities. I believe that what we all crave is connection That in our heart of hearts, what we desire most is connection. Deep connection with Spirit/Source/God/The Divine. Deep connection with our Soul. Our Self. And deep connection with others.

And when we don’t have those – when those connections are missing or distorted, we feel lost. We lash out in anger, sometimes even with violence.

The remedy for pain, the remedy for distraction, the remedy for anger is LOVE. . . which is connection at it’s deepest level. True love. Unconditional love. Pure love. It is our desire for and cultivation of these connections which is our gateway to KNOWING and LIVING and SPEAKING our truth. KNOWING and EMBODYING our full INNATE POWER. BEING ALL OF WHO WE ARE.

Understand that I’m not talking about just agreeing with the idea of peace. . . I’m talking about LIVING and BREATHING this vision. I’m talking about taking this vision into our lives and doing something with it. . . shifting the way we live and relate to the world. Rising up and taking a stand for what we know will bring peace.

Look for more OGPC stuff coming soon.


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