Ok, so I’ve been told ALLLLLL of our docs are IN and we should have finalization

Ok, so I’ve been told ALLLLLL of our docs are IN and we should have finalization in the next few days.



Mr. Bubs (my grandson, who has been in Alaska with his dad since February, just before the coronavirus lockdown) is COMING HOME THIS WEEKEND!!!!

I can’t wait to see him in person!!!

(I’m posting some pics of the house in the comments so you can help me visualize!!!!)


20 thoughts on “Ok, so I’ve been told ALLLLLL of our docs are IN and we should have finalization”

  1. Annie S. Anderson

    This is the room that will be my bedroom. There’s an en suite bathroom as well. The door to it is right by that white bookcase in the corner

  2. Annie S. Anderson

    Here is the kitchen. I hate the tile countertops (WHY do people put tile on counters????) We will be remodeling the kitchen at some point in the next few years and hopefully putting in some quartz countertops

  3. Annie S. Anderson

    And here is the front porch. We will be removing those box hedges and putting in some rhodies and other plants instead. We’ll probably be repainting exterior next summer too.

  4. Annie S. Anderson

    And here is the family room, which is opposite the kitchen. I see my family and myself spending lots of cozy evenings watching movies together by that fireplace!!!

  5. Have you written a future memory letter?
    I’m so excited about how our new honme💕think about how you feel, thanking the spirits for the ease with which you got the house 🏡 think about how easily everything falls into place ~

  6. Jormarie Gonzalez

    You would have this and so much more dear. Just relax. Visualize. Let it go and let divine Order do the rest. Blessed be dear ones.

  7. Annie S. Anderson we can help you imagine, but it is your BELIEF that’s gonna make it happen! It’s all about what you believe! If you believe it’s hard. It’s gonna be hard…. If you believe everything always works out for me and it’s a done deal, that’s what will happen! I believe you know this and marvelous things happen for you! ❤️

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