Now that we’re on the path to having a new home (offer has been submitted!!), I’

Now that we’re on the path to having a new home (offer has been submitted!!), I’m feeling ready for the next phase. . .

Since we’ve been in the hotel for an entire freakin’ year now, I haven’t done a lot of one-to-one coaching work because there’s just not much privacy LOL

BUT. . . I’m banking on this house and closing by the end of the month so deep conversation and helping people strategize, build, grow, scale, and create momentum in their life and biz will be on the table!

So, I’m opening up some spaces for a May start and if 1:1 isn’t your thing, I’ll be starting the Mastermind again as well, probably late May or early June.

I’ll only be accepting 5 people max for 1:1 and I’m gonna lay it all out the line right here. . .

Here’s what we can do:

• Setup all your systems, tools, and strategies
• Create a roadmap for your next 90 days
• Build your core values and vision
• Or anything else you need help and support with

Whatever you choose, we’ll get down to business and at the end of our time together, you’ll have clarity, purpose, vision, and a way forward.

You’ll also learn tools to help you navigate as you continue moving forward, even after we stop working together.

Here’s how we work:

We meet the first, second, and third weeks of the month, and take the fourth week off for integration. Each session is 90 minutes.

You also have daily* access to me via email, Voxer, and/or WhatsApp PLUS 20 minute check-in calls every week as often as needed (*except weekends, holidays, etc).

AND if you sign up before Friday, I’m going to give you a special 2 hour kick-off session between now and when we start in May.

All this for $700/month.

You can pay monthly or quarterly. And if you pay quarterly, I’ll throw in a bonus half-day VIP session that you can use anytime.

If want to know more, reach out via pm and we’ll talk.


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