Lots of schools in our area will be closed for the next several days or weeks du

Lots of schools in our area will be closed for the next several days or weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Our district has maintained it would remain open because we have *not* had any cases of the virus in our community but after the address this afternoon from the Washington Governor, they have decided to close.

I just got a call that they are suspending classes beginning tomorrow for 6 weeks. . . until APRIL 24TH!!

My son is seriously bummed! (He’s a sophomore)


4 thoughts on “Lots of schools in our area will be closed for the next several days or weeks du”

  1. Maria Collorafi Walls

    Are these kids going to have to go to school during the summer months? I can only imagine…..

  2. Annie S. Anderson

    From the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction:

    “Make-up Days for School Closures
    If a school district closes schools in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, they should make every
    effort to make up missed time, including using scheduled vacation days and planned school
    closure days. Districts will be expected to make up as much time as they can, using those
    previously scheduled closure days, through Friday, June 19. For any missed time beyond June 19,
    OSPI will grant school districts with emergency waivers and allow them to end the school year.
    Please note, it is OSPI’s expectation that districts will maintain their graduation timelines.”

    And. . .

    “Online Learning
    Most districts are not prepared to implement a distance learning model, such as online learning,
    on short notice. Some districts and schools may be in a position to continue teaching using
    distance learning methods; however, equity is a critical consideration. It is important to note that
    if educational services are being delivered to students in any form, in order for the district to
    remain open, those services must be provided to all students, including students who don’t have
    access to technology at home and students receiving special education services. OSPI believes
    that for most districts, it will make more sense to cancel school altogether than to organize a
    learning model that cannot be accessed equitably by all students.”

    You can read more here: https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/communications/COVID-19%20in%20Schools_Parent%20Guide.pdf

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