2 thoughts on “LISTEN UP, FRIENDS…”

  1. i feel it is a marketing strategy for his new album about to drop… he has filed zero paperwork to run for president….has missed the vast majority of primaries…has zero delegates…..at this juncture could get on some ballots and will cost him millions to do so….he has name recognition so that helps with getting votes as an independent because he cannot get the republican or democratic party nomination…but is this truly real? i don’t believe it is….yes, he and trump were chums for a bit there then he turned on him… said he “woke up” to how he had been “used” (as a token black friend) and gave 1 million dollars to the DNC…he also has stated he is keen on various ideas by bernie sanders….that would be much to trump’s chagrin (and republicans too)….is all this possible? yes…. is it probable? not so much…. then again this is 2020 so.. ;P

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