Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean you’re settling. . . There are 2 con

Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean you’re settling. . .

There are 2 concepts I’ve struggled with over the years – perfection and settling.

In the online space especially, there’s an unspoken ‘rule’ if you will, that says if it’s not perfect, you’re settling for something less than. . .

Less than you deserve.
Less than you should.
Less than is perfect.

That ‘settling’ is a bad thing. That it’s devaluing yourself and your talents.

And by and large, you really shouldn’t settle.

Don’t settle for a lie or a half truth.
Don’t settle for injustice or malice or complacency.
Don’t settle for anything that keeps you stuck, unhealthy, or leaves you feeling bad about yourself.
Don’t settle for anything that physically or emotionally hurts you or those you love.

On the other hand, there are times where settling isn’t really settling at all.

Because the underbelly of these concepts is that it has to be perfect in order for you to do whatever it is, whether that’s building a website or buying a home or choosing a name for your business.

Here’s what I know. . .

Perfect doesn’t exist. Not the way we think it does. What we THINK is perfect is actually often far from what truly IS perfect.

For us.
For the situation.
For our families.
For our business.

And settling for something ‘less than’ perfect isn’t wrong – if the outcome is the right one. In that case, it isn’t settling at all. It’s realizing that what we thought was perfect and what actually is perfect are two very different things.

It’s ok to settle.

For what works.
For what holds value.
For what moves us forward.
For what keeps us safe.

There are times where settling is a stepping stone to something greater. Something deeper. Something more true and right.

And more perfect.

Often, *waiting* for perfect is the real settling.

Because we miss out on opportunities for truth, for justice, for growth, for joy. And instead of moving forward, we stagnate and end up unhappy, unfulfilled, angry, hurt, and spiraling into negativity.

So, settle. Be ok with less than perfect. Choose to see it as a stepping stone to something greater.

And know that you are never alone. Know that you will come out on the other side.

Because that light at the end of the tunnel?
That’s YOU.

Your heart and soul know the way.


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