I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon that keeps cropping up. . . You ask peop

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon that keeps cropping up. . .

You ask people what they want and develop a service around that exact thing. Then when you provide it to them, they reject it.

So, your first thought might be to think the pricing was wrong – too high, too low. So you adjust it. Still no dice.

Then perhaps you think it’s because you’re not offering it to the right people. So you adjust that. And again, no dice.

And so you start asking more questions and digging deep to uncover what their blocks may be. This leads you to adjusting your copy and perhaps even your offering. But yet again, nothing happens.

At this point, many different things begin to happen within you.

You think you need to adjust your entire business. That maybe you’ve got everything all wrong – your message, your mission, your vision, what you should do, what services you should offer. So you go back to the drawing board and try to figure out your ideal client and all the stuff that goes along with it.

You adjust your branding. Your logo. Your tagline. Change the name of your workshop or your course.

You second guess everything.

Any of this sound familiar?

I’d like to offer you a different perspective. . .

Don’t adjust yourself and your business to suit other people. Because that’s essentially what you’re doing when you buy into any of the above.

In my experience, what it boils down to is that people are afraid. They are afraid to have what they really want. They fear what will happen if they actually go after their dreams. And it’s not that they don’t want what you initially offered them. . . they DO! And that’s the problem. Because they think they can’t really have it.

And. . . maybe YOU think you can’t really have it.

Because everyone who comes to us is a mirror.

And when you see that reflection, it is a call to LOVE. ❤

Love YOU.
Love THEM.

Love stronger.
Love deeper.

And KNOW that you are infinite.
Know that you are powerful.
That you are magical.

And trust the truth and the love within you.


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