I’ve met more than a few people who’ve been caught up in this mess. And more and more people are speaking up about their experiences with this company.

It’s beyond horrible!! It must stop!

And if you’ve been affected, please reach out. I’m here and will help you in anyway I possibly can.

I have waited long enough to write this.

I can not sit by and watch Felicity & Design Inc. Alyssa J. Gavinski and Michelle To continue to take people’s money and not deliver on their services.

I have been waiting for the “right time” to speak publicly — but there really is no right time.

There are over 30 people who have come forward about their scammy business — I can no longer be quiet in hopes to issue a warning to other unsuspecting business owners.

I will do a Facebook live outlining these expensive lessons I’ve learned in hopes to help others — but regardless, you can not collect (and keep) people’s money with no intention of finishing promised projects.

They collected money… More