I’ve been thinking about this person in the pic below A LOT lately. Struggling f

I’ve been thinking about this person in the pic below A LOT lately. Struggling from one end of the spectrum – depression, anxiety, PTSD – to the other – knowing and understanding the innate power of simply BEING human.

And even though I didn’t accomplish nearly even 1/4 of the intentions I had set for 2019, the stuff I did do was fucking epic.

Perhaps because I chose the word BOLD for 2019. To be bold, to have courage and confidence in myself. To speak from my core and my truth. And also to boldly speak up for others, to call out injustice and malice, and to be an ally for those around me.

Because our voices matter. And as leaders and visionaries and healers, we are called to be the lighthouse, to use our voice to light the way.

Because I am my brother’s keeper and my sister’s keeper. And so are you. We are here to raise each other up.

We are here to love one another.

So, as I’ve struggled through all manner of things this year, much of it intense and supremely personal, I came to one ultimate conclusion. . .

Everything is aligned.

Even when you think it’s not. Even when you feel out of alignment. You cannot ever truly be out of alignment. Every step you take, regardless of ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ is always a step in the right direction. Always.

The path is never straight. There will always be twists and turns. There will always be steps that ‘could have’ been different.

But then – where would that lead?

Your steps will *always* lead you to the place you need to be in that moment, even when you can’t see it. Even when you think you took a wrong turn.

Even when it feels out of alignment. (And especially then.)

Because everything is always aligned.

It’s not your job to understand it or to see it all clearly. Your job is to follow your intuition and to keep going, even when it feels out of alignment.

You can never get it wrong. There’s always a reason.

Just keep going. Make connections and course correct when you need to but rest assured, that no matter what,

Everything is always in alignment.

As we head into 2020, whether you believe it’s the start of a new decade or the ending of the old one, know that you are right where you are meant to be.

Know that you are powerful beyond measure. That you have all the tools and resources within you to live the dreams you envision.

And know, that like Rey in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,


The power of all those who came before you runs through your heart and soul. And it’s all at your fingertips. . .

You are infinite.

It’s time to ELEVATE.



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  1. Brilliant, Annie. As always. Thank you for articulating exactly my desires and expectations for myself and those I will be privileged to serve as I find my own voice and the courage to use it boldly in the coming years. Starting now. ✨✨✨

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