I’ve been seeing A LOT of posts in several of the business groups I’m in about t

I’ve been seeing A LOT of posts in several of the business groups I’m in about the new Clubhouse app. Lots of people are butthurt that it’s iOS only right now.

So, maybe I can shed some light on this for anyone wondering WHY it’s only available on one platform right now. . .

First, let me start by saying this — it has nothing to do with status symbols or exclusivity or anything like that.

I used to develop apps (for both iPhone and Android) and the BIGGEST reason most developers start with iOS is the number of different devices is minimal.

With Apple, you basically have 2 devices: iPhone/iPod and iPad. They ALL work the *exact* same way since they’re all made by the same manufacturer, which makes development much simpler.

With Android, on the other hand, you have multiple devices made by many, many different manufacturers. None of them are the same.

The Apple APIs and SDKs are quite stringent. The App Store has stricter guidelines and higher pixel quality.

The second biggest reason developers tend to start with iOS devices is that the App Store is easier to monetize.

Most developers don’t build on both platforms at the same time because building an app for both iOS and Android at the same time may not be a smart choice, considering time, resources, and budget. There is always a risk of complexities involved while building an app for both platforms at the same time.

Therefore, it makes sense to start with one platform. Developers choose Apple because iOS app development requires 40% less code than Android which reduces time, cost and maintenance.

Building for one app platform first helps to test the idea in the market. If the idea works as expected, you can invest in developing an app for the second platform and so on.

Just like Gmail (which required an invite when it was first released), Clubhouse will continue to roll out as the app development progresses, bugs are worked out, and things become more stable.

(People get butthurt about the weirdest things)


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  1. Really good explanation. Love it. Also great analogy with Gmail.. I have one of those invite only email addresses btw… Period required and everything. πŸ™‚

  2. Well, that also explains why Vellum is Mac Only. The difference is they aren’t even trying to make it PC compatible.

  3. helpful, thank you. No big rush to get on a platform I am not that interested in but really appreciate understanding the process here. <3

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