I’ve always been an avid planner. Even as a kid. Always making lists and notes a

I’ve always been an avid planner. Even as a kid. Always making lists and notes and calendars.

My bookshelves are FULL of journals I’ve used over the years to create all manner of things.

And even though I have tried numerous times to get more into digital planning, I just can’t seem to shake the need to physically write things down.

So, about 10 years ago after I’d been out looking for a new planner and not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to hell with it! And I created my own.

In the years since then, it’s undergone a handful of revisions and the 2020 edition is a major update. . .

Because I’ve combined two of the products my clients have come to LOVE and rave about – my Five Things Method Planner and my 90 Day Roadmap System.

I took the best pieces of each, resulting in a brand new Five Things Method for 2020.

Each planner is laid out for a 90 day cycle because that’s what I’ve found my clients typically do best with.

But since The Five Things Method is a digital product that you print out on your own, there’s no need to buy a new for every quarter.

Just buy it once and print out a new copy every 90 days! Then simply put it in your favorite binder or have it spiral bound at your local printer.

AND this year, I also brought back the simple Intentions planner and renamed it ELEVATE 2020.

Inside ELEVATE, you’ll find an easy system to help you release 2019 and dive into 2020 with your deepest and truest intentions.

I’m happy to announce that between now and New Year’s Day, when you buy The Five Things Method 2020 edition, you’ll get a free copy of ELEVATE.

And it’s only $25 until January 1st!

Head over here: https://annieanderson.com/downloads/ftm-elevate-duo/


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