13 thoughts on “It’s about time!!! (This is a screenshot I *just* took directly from Twitter my”

  1. myriad opportunities to have done this over the last 4 years and just now? interesting how jack and zack decided they could indeed do more to curtail trump’s destructive behavior AFTER the dems took the senate and will be chairing the congressional committees that oversee them…

  2. It’s an opportunistic move. They should have done this two years ago, but did not. Trump delivered for Twitter for the last five years. Now he does them harm. It has nothing to do with them growing a conscience.

  3. Twitter didn’t suddenly decide “enough is enough” (unfortunately)… they may have just realized they may culpable for giving the orange cheeto a platform to incite a terrorist attack against the US. Covering their tracks/bases. Too little too late, imho. They should be held responsible. Also… it’s all fun an “free speech” until your freedom of speech causes death, terrorism, hate, and so on. Let’s not resort to the good old tried & true “but mY fReEdom oF SpeEch” excuse.

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