In late 2012 when the construction company I owned started to get rocky, I reall

In late 2012 when the construction company I owned started to get rocky, I really began questioning everything. Now, I’ve always been a questioner and a seeker so it was nothing new to me to be questioning things.

But what was new – or perhaps more accurately, what was re-emerging – was my ability to stand on my own. To trust my truth. Trust myself. To listen to my own inner wisdom. To stand in my own power.

When I made the decision in the late summer of 2013 to shut everything down and go my own way, it wasn’t without a huge dose of uncertainty and doubt. I knew I wanted something else, something more and I had no idea how to draw that forward for myself. It was totally new territory for me.

Then 2014 turned out to be one of the most pivotal points of my entire life. From devastating financial loss to a shooting at our local high school that massively affected our entire community to the suicide attempt of my 14 year daughter which landed her in Seattle’s Children’s Hospital for many, many days.

It was also one of the most pivotal points in my life so much goodness came out of it and my life’s work, One Generation Peace Coalition was born. A dream that I had tucked away for many, many years. One that continues to pull me forward, wake me up early, keep me up at night (brings new meaning to “Sleepless in Seattle” catchphrase!) and one that I will never stop expanding into.

And through it all, I’ve learned two of the most important things I’ve ever learned . . .

Your inner wisdom is the ONLY voice you need to listen to. If what your soul is saying doesn’t match up with what everyone else is saying, ditch the outside noise and follow YOUR TRUTH. Your inner wisdom is never wrong and it is never fearful.

Second – LOVE – especially self-love – is always, always, always the only answer. When you don’t know what else to do – love more. Love deeper. Love stronger.

I also discovered something else beyond both of those things . . .

When we walk in TRUST – total trust of the Universe – and allow the path to unfold as we take each step, magic happens. Miracles await.

Understanding these 3 things has allowed me to create massive forward momentum in ways I could only dream of before. It has allowed me to create systems and tools and practices that keep me grounded even when everything around me is in chaos.

And that’s what I want for you too. Because One Generation Peace Coalition is about so much more than creating a world of peace and love in One Generation. . .

It’s a movement, a revolution to teach those who are questioning and seeking that there is another way to BE in life and in the world. That when we live our lives based on love, purpose and freedom, we CAN change the world – both our own, and this beautiful planet we call home.

I haven’t offered any type of coaching for a year and I’m feeling something brewing. So, I’m looking for those who desire to create something beyond them.

You know it’s there, wanting and waiting to come forward – you simply need someone who can help you crack the code and break it wide open.

If that’s you, pm me and let’s setup a time to talk.


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