In just a few days, millions of people around the globe will celebrate Christmas

In just a few days, millions of people around the globe will celebrate Christmas. They will celebrate it as a day of giving and receiving. A day often spent with family, in whatever form that takes. It will be celebrated with food and gifts and laughter and maybe even music.

And while I am not discounting the magic of spending time with family and being with those we love, I am questioning the WHY behind the holiday. Many will tell you it’s to celebrate the birth of Christ. In fact, the term Christmas means “Christ’s Mass” or “Christian Mass” – an annual celebration commemorating the birth of Christ.

The truth is, we don’t really know when Jesus was born. The church has speculated for centuries because it is not mentioned at any point in the biblical text. And I began to wonder why. . . I believe the reason it was deliberately omitted is because his BIRTH isn’t what matters. Yes, it’s significant. . .

What is MORE significant is the reason WHY he was born.

Jesus didn’t come for us to celebrate his birth. . . he came to LIGHT THE WAY. He came to show the world what love looks like. He came to show the world what peace looks like. He came to share truth. He came to inspire us to live our lives with integrity and purpose. To love our neighbors. To love ourselves. To help those who need help.

I believe the TRUE meaning of Christmas is Peace on Earth. Not just on this day, but every day.

THAT is reason he came. And I believe that is what he would want us to celebrate.

Jesus and all of the great prophets and disciples and mystics came to show us the way to peace is through love and light and truth. That peace is something we BE not something we DO.

So, here’s my Christmas Wish. . .

Nothing is more valuable than your presence.

So. . . CELEBRATE! Honor those you love with being fully present. Give them your undivided attention. Put away all distractions.

Celebrate Peace. Celebrate Love. Celebrate Joy. Celebrate being present with those you love and cherish.

See, the GIFT of Christmas is not in the packages and the ribbons and bows. It’s not in the food and the music. It’s really not even in the time we spend with those we love. The GIFT is in your heart. The gift is who you are. The gift is your connection to The Divine. To your Soul. To your Light.

The gift is who you BE.

And when we all BE love and light and truth, the world will know peace.


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