I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned how a lot of people ca

I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned how a lot of people call me a business coach. And it’s funny because that’s really not it at all. I mean, yes, I can help you build a business. I can share tools and systems with you. I can help you create plans and roadmaps and frameworks. And I often do all of that with many of my clients.

But that’s not the real work.

That’s just a byproduct of the real work.

The real work is getting them and their missions and their visions all in alignment. It’s tuning into to their own inner guidance, their truth, their spirit and finding what’s really in their heart and soul. What lights them up. What makes them come alive. It’s about connecting with the Divine, connecting with their sense of purpose. Becoming inspired by the magic they hold within themselves.

Because I’ll tell you something – when there’s a mismatch inside you, all of the business tools and systems in the world aren’t really going to help you. Yeah, they might give you some momentum for a while until they finally just give out and nothing happens because YOUR heart and your soul and your love and your truth are missing. And when those are missing, nothing else will fill the gap.

So this work is about filling the gap. Creating a bridge, a rock solid foundation based on the core principles I teach in my youth workshops which all stem from love, trust and freedom.

Simply put – when you love and trust yourself, you have the freedom to do what you need to do and to be who you are.

As soon as we get moved into the new house, I’ll be offering some deep dive coaching spaces to a small handful of people for a pay what you want price. These spots are usually $475.

If you’d like to claim a spot, send me a pm with the amount you are able to pay and how you like to pay (PayPal, Apple Pay, Cash App) and we’ll go from there.

I anticipate scheduling these spaces for the week of September 28th.


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