I took a survey recently asking people what their number one stumbling block is when it comes to productivity and getting shit done. . .

And what people told me is:


That was followed closely by: DECIDING WHAT TO DO

And in 3rd place, was TIME MANAGEMENT . . .

Which I kinda thought was going to be first because that’s what people usually say holds them back.

At the end of the survey, I asked people what else they wanted to share and through those responses, I learned something interesting. . .

What really stops people, what really holds people back isn’t actually any of those things.

What I’ve discovered is that what truly holds most people back is not understanding their purpose.

Listen, my friends – in order to live the life you are truly here to live, to do the work you are here right now to do, you must not only understand your purpose, you must be fully connected to it.

Because when you’re not, moving forward is a struggle. When you’re not, things feel hard and uncertain.

When you’re not connected to your purpose, when you don’t understand it, finding the pathway to create your vision and live your mission is chaotic.

It causes fear and panic. It causes helplessness and anger. It causes disorder and complacency.

And all of these things lead to confusing priorities, not knowing what to do or when, and inaction and procrastination.

That’s why I created a new 30 day program. . .

JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY: Create Your Dreams in 30 Days

A 30 day course using journaling and other tools to create and manifest your dreams and visions – even in times of confusion.

We’ll dive into topics like:
📓 productivity – how and when to take action
📓 big dreams – discover and *own* them fully
📓 organization – how to stay organized
📓 planning – effective tools and methods
📓 intuition – knowing and understanding it’s role
📓 intention – how to set effective goals that get done
📓 and all the things holding you back

With special attention on staying grounded and moving forward during times of chaos and uncertainty.

Each day for 30 days, you’ll receive an email ‘lesson’ with journaling prompts as well as guidance, tools, and other resources to help you along the path.

You’ll also get to connect with me and fellow journeyers in a private Facebook group.

And we are starting ASAP! Because I know you need this kind of support NOW.

Normally, I would be offering this for at least $197 and probably more like $297 BUT because I know people need this right now,

I’m offering this as a NAME YOUR PRICE deal.
In other words, PAY WHAT YOU WANT.

Now, there is a minimum of $10 because honestly, I don’t want to give it away for free. It’s simply too valuable for that. Your sanity and peace of mind are too valuable for that.

This is a unique time in history that is calling us to be greater. A time that is calling us to a greater purpose. A purpose that is far greater than ourselves.

This is about heeding the call to create a new world amidst the chaos and uncertainty. It’s about being part of the solution, part of the way forward.

Link to join in the comments.