I raised some kickass daughters who take no shit

I raised some kickass daughters who take no shit


12 thoughts on “I raised some kickass daughters who take no shit”

  1. So. They had someone arrested because he insulted them? Nothing else? Like he didn’t continue following them… he didn’t touch them.

    With no other context what I read is they decided he was a lesser human being not worthy of kindness, he called them a terrible name, so they had him arrested. If that is the extent of it that doesn’t feel kick ass, it feels entitled.

  2. Andrea Christensen

    I disagree with Megan. Calling names is abuse and there may have been more. The police don’t arrest for frivolous charges. They were protecting future young women.

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest.

    If one of my daughter called the police for the same reason I think I’d be pissed off and disappointed that I raised such delicate kids.

    Plus, I’d be annoyed that they came to the “assumption” and labelled him as a drug addict without even knowing.

    But if there was more going on such as intimidation, physical abuse or general concern for the welfare of the man, then I’d be supportive.

    This is s tough one as, on one hand we want our girls to know they don’t have to take shit of anyone ..

    … but on the other hard we don’t want to be raising entitled humans 😬

  4. Amber Geissler-Sanford

    I’m going to have to agree with Lisajane Jones and Megan Potter… I would be ashamed if any of my children sent me a message like that.

  5. So, those of you who disagree are telling me that it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to accost, harass – both verbally and physically – two young women walking down the street, minding their own business after he asked them for money and they told him no? You think that’s ok?

    I find it funny that many of you who have a problem with my post here are people who regularly tout being for women’s rights – especially women of color. That when a woman is harassed, she has every right to ask for help. That she shouldn’t be shamed or judged or whatever for standing up for herself and ensuring her own safety.

    I know many of you know that WOC are harassed more often and believed LESS OFTEN than their white female peers. So, I was very happy when my daughter – who is NOT WHITE – told me she and her friend – also NOT WHITE – were fully believed and supported by a police officer when they asked for help.

    And if you truly have a problem with that, well. . . then it’s your problem to work out. Not mine. Nor my daughter’s, who happens to be a woman of color.

  6. I’m gonna go with if the guy got arrested there was a reason. People don’t get arrested solely for calling someone a name. It good your daughter is not afraid to speak up for herself!!!!

  7. Annie S. Anderson.. grateful for this post and to see the interaction from it and the respect..wish more on more posts it was like this. ❤️

  8. Where we come from we are ALWAYS encouraged that if you’re “not sure” whether you should call for help or not, call for help!!
    The operator will determine whether the police need to attend or not, but it’s better to call and (possibly) not need them than need them not having called them.

  9. If women feel threatened or unsafe because of a man’s actions she is justified to take action. FULL STOP.

    The details are both not my business and not even slightly important.

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