I have more space available over the next few weeks. . . Things I can do for yo

I have more space available over the next few weeks. . .

Things I can do for you:
1. Tech Support.
If you’re having issues with your website, your email, connecting things, sorting out bugs in your funnel, or any website-related tech issues like that, I can help.

2. Course Creation.
This can go 2 ways: tech support or curriculum support.

TECH SUPPORT is getting your course loaded into your preferred Learning Management System (LMS) like Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi, or using WordPress with an LMS plugin like LearnDash (recommended option – especially if you already have a WP website).

CURRICULUM SUPPORT is helping you flesh out your idea, get your curriculum designed and created, connecting all the bits (if you’re at that point), and helping you create a roadmap for launching and selling your course.

3. Productivity Strategy.
This is where we create a roadmap for your next 90 days and beyond, getting your goals and ideas out on paper, scheduling your tasks and projects, fleshing out ideas, and building your empire.

4. Dream Building.
If you’re unsure where you’re going, if you’re unsure what you really contribute or where you belong, if you have goals and dreams but NO IDEA how to make them happen, then this is where we peel back all layers, the doubts, the fears, and discover your pathway forward.

Let me know what help you need to move forward!


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