I have an assignment for you today if you’re up for the challenge…

Go to Instagram and look at who the influencers, coaches, and online biz celebrities you follow are following.

If you find accounts like…

– Breitbart
– Candace Owens
– Ben Shapiro
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
– Freedom Guards
– The NRA
– Any member of the Trump family
– PragerU
– Or any account with these phrases or words in their bio: M A G A, K A G A, red pill, “question everything,” “think for yourself,” the letter Q replacing the letter O in words (like “knqw thyself”), Q A N O N, W W G 1 W G A, references to Q, or talking about the “deep state” or “The Storm”

Just know that you’re following (and potentially giving money to and sharing content from) someone who is deep down the right-wing, Q Anon, anti-Covid, Trump-supporting rabbit hole.

I think that you will be VERY surprised to learn that some of the nice, chill, cool, seemingly smart men and women you know and love and follow who have gone down this path.

And I don’t know about you; but, I don’t want to have anything to do with those people. 😉