I finally figured something out

I finally figured something out. Yeah, yeah, it took me a while LOL

People often ask “what makes your product or service different?”

And I’ve never known what to say.

But this evening as I was looking at some stuff and answering questions in various WordPress and design / development groups I belong to, it came to me. . .

What makes my work different is that I don’t just throw patches or plugins or something at an issue in order to fix it. I don’t throw bandaids at things.

Instead, I dig in and find the actual issue so it can be corrected at the core.

I can’t tell you how often I see bad advice in groups when people are asking for help. So many people will tell the person to install some plugin or something instead of looking in to what actually was causing the issue.

I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hired by someone and then find plugin after plugin after plugin installed in order to do some task that is actually already available in the theme or something else they’re using.

Or there are so many plugins and extensions and addons that things are just a mess.

Or one simple tweak somewhere could eliminate a handful of plugins or code snippets they’re using.

In fact, that’s a big one I see often – “Oh, just use this CSS to do that” when that functionality is actually already an option built into the theme they’re using and it’s simply a matter of correctly configuring it.

Anyway, that’s what I do.

That’s what I do with web design/dev. And that’s what I do with my business strategy clients. . .

I dig in and find the actual issue so it can be corrected at the core.


5 thoughts on “I finally figured something out”

  1. I like this! Also I always take Coco Chanel’s advice for accessories and plugins – before you walk out the door take at least one off haha

  2. Ilene Gurev Klang

    Love this!❤️ Working in tech support this is what I did differently. Find the problem and solve it. Sounds simple. It’s not. Everyone puts their own band aid on top.

  3. Yeah. That was me, too, back when that was my main biz.

    and isn’t the satisfaction you derive from helping them streamline just the best, because it’s part of a resilient and sturdy foundation from which the hub of the online portion of their biz lives. From that simplicity and clarity, it’s easier to recommend a Client Attracting strategy for their business websites. 😀


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