HOW FAST THINGS CAN COME TO FRUITION Last week – on Thursday – I had a call wit


Last week – on Thursday – I had a call with my friend Shannon to talk about her book launch. I had offered her the session after a FB chat a few days before when she’d reached out for some support.

And on that call, we talked about some other things, sorta catching up on life and biz stuff with each other since our last chat waaaaaay too long ago.

Well, Shannon, in her curious wisdom, brought up an idea to me. . .

One I’d been ruminating on since Rhonda tweeted a phrase I said about sharing your knowledge during my presentation at WordCamp Seattle a few weeks ago. . .

Why not create an in-depth strategy session around helping people create their online courses to compliment my flagship program on using WordPress to build your course?

So, I did!

At 11:40pm Thursday night, I published the beginnings of a service I’ve actually been offering for quite some time and never officially acknowledged.

Now it’s completely finished and totally it’s own official thing and I’m super excited to share it with you!

The Course Roadmap is an in-depth strategy call covering all aspects of creating and launching your own online course.

We cover everything from testing and validating your idea to your launch strategy to all the tech bits involved in getting your course out there and everything in between.

You’ll have a clear roadmap of exactly what needs to happen – and when – from beginning to end and have everything started by time our session is complete.

And it’s available for a special Black Friday price through Cyber Monday. . .

The ‘Express’ option is $495 (and I even have a few spaces available over the next 2 days if you wanna get in quick to create YOUR Black Friday offer for your brand new course!)

Express includes a 2.5 hour deep dive session where we get everything laid out, organized, refined, and ready to go.

The ‘Journey’ option is $695 and includes 3 – 90 minute sessions designed to walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Both options include 30 days of email/Voxer access to support you through anything that comes up as you create and launch your course.

After Cyber Monday, the prices go up 40% to $695 and $975 respectively.

AND if you order between now and then, you’ll also get my flagship course, How to Build Your Course on WordPress totally free! (A $299 value)

Get it here:



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