House hunting in the age of corona is very bizarre and inconvenient

House hunting in the age of corona is very bizarre and inconvenient


8 thoughts on “House hunting in the age of corona is very bizarre and inconvenient”

  1. Julee Cunningham

    oh my goodness – Annie did your house fall through in the end? I’m so sorry if it did. I know you were all so excited. What a year!

  2. Don’t you wonder if the housing market might crash some if this goes on to like December that many are talking about? As the economy continues to crash, I am thinking it will affect housing. So maybe it a blessing in disguise? We were looking before this in a very hot market, but are just going to wait awhile and see how things unfold. If most people aren’t making money, the world economy going into a recession for some time, housing will come down is my guess, even in hot markets.

  3. I was just talking about this with a friend today. Can you explain? Are you renting or buying and why now (vs wait till this all ends)? If it’s not too personal. Just curious as to what’s happening.

  4. Annie S. Anderson

    We looked at a house a few weeks ago that we really like, although it’s not in our preferred area but it’s doable. But it’s about $30k above our ideal price range.

    Today, we saw a house that is basically only 3 bedrooms but it has a couple of flex spaces that we can repurpose. It’s closer to our preferred area and is in the middle of our price range. So, I think it’s likely we’ll make an offer on it.

    We also saw one today that is IN our preferred area but it was definitely too small for our needs.

    (Our preferred area is close enough to get my son to/from school so he doesn’t have to change schools. This means within about 6-8 miles of the school boundary zone. Obviously, the closer the better but being that the town we live in is rather small, real estate in our price range, in our size range is very scarce.)

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