Hotel Thanksgiving. . .

Pork roast, cooked in the crockpot,
Fresh rice, cooked in the rice cooker,
Potatoes, carrots, onions cooked on the crappy little burner, along with some gravy from the roast drippings
Key Lime pie

Good and filling and of course, the best part is spending it with my mom and the kiddos.

And celebrating Marissa’s 20th birthday (although I ended up not getting a cake because we couldn’t find one at the store yesterday!) and I totally forgot cranberry sauce! Oh well. I’ll get some tomorrow so we can have it with leftovers.

With any luck, Christmas will be in our OWN house – wherever that may be.

Some good homes have come on the market in the past few days so we’ll probably go look at them later this weekend or next week.

Keep your fingers crossed we find one, that our offer gets accepted, and we can close BEFORE Christmas!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!