Hey you! Yes, you ;-) How are you doing today?? I’m hanging in there! I’ve

Hey you!

Yes, you 😉

How are you doing today??

I’m hanging in there! I’ve been busy tying up last minute stuff, making sure all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed, as they say.

Fielding phone calls and texts from our lender and our real estate agent. Had to make a trip to the bank for an account I closed a few months ago because I can no longer access the online account since it’s closed. But we needed some documents so I had in and get stuff.

Also working on a few client projects. Waiting for content on one web design project. Created some graphics I’ll be sharing on Instagram and in my private group in the coming days. And cleaned and organized my workspace today.

Now, cooking dinner and then I’m gonna watch Property Brother’s or something and chill for a while. And hopefully, my headache goes away!

At least I didn’t get stuck in the elevator again today like I did yesterday! That was exciting! Although the power did go out this morning, right AFTER I turned my computer on, of course! LOL

If you didn’t see my post earlier about my pay what you want offer, head over to my profile and check it out! Since we’ve been in this damn hotel for A LOT longer than we anticipated, I gotta generate some additional funds so we have left to actually move once the house closes!

Anyway, tell me how your days was. I’d love to know! <3 Enjoy the rest of your day! (PS - we're out of rice! That's like, sacrilege, in a Filipino household LOL even if you ARE living in a hotel 😂 )


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