Happy birthday Gabe!!!


23 years ago today my second kiddo – Gabriel Eladio Guzman – arrived in the world at half an ounce shy of 8 pounds and 21 inches long.

By age 2, he and his big sister, Allison who was 6, wore the same size clothes and shoes.

He’s the kiddo who started walking at 9 months old. And RUNNING a very short time later. He’s the kiddo who put EVERYTHING in his mouth. He LOVED making sounds and taking things apart. Now he loves building things.

At age 2, he was diagnosed with autism. He didn’t talk until he was 4. Didn’t read until he was 11. He still doesn’t write (he knows how he just doesn’t like to).

I homeschooled him until 4th grade. He lasted 2.5 years in public school and went back to homeschooling.

Within 6 months of learning to read, he was tested at a “higher than college” level of reading and language. He never missed a word on the spelling test.

He’s incredibly just, always truthful and extremely empathic. He loves Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lego and classical music. He’s witty and funny and not afraid to say what he thinks. He won’t get a driver’s license or drive a car. He refuses to fly in an airplane. And he loves trains.

I don’t know if he’ll ever live on his own. But you know what? That’s totally ok with me.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wabes. I love you ❤ And I’m so blessed and honored to be your mom.