For about 15 years now, I’ve chosen a ThemeWord every year to reflect my desires

For about 15 years now, I’ve chosen a ThemeWord every year to reflect my desires, my goals, my vision and when I land on the right word for the upcoming year, I always just know it’s the one.

This year, 2019, my word was Bold. I feel like I’ve truly lived into that. . .

Although we had opened our home to my ex-husband when his parents moved to Vegas and the family sold their house (where he had lived), our generosity was met with animosity and malice and he began to show his true colors.

One day in June, I had enough and told him he had an hour to pack his crap and get out of my house. Our 18 year old and 21 year old both stood by my side and told him in no uncertain terms that they were behind me 100% and were ready and willing to call 911 if he continued making a scene.

Thankfully, he did leave uneventfully and we have not heard a peep from him since.

I applied to speak at WordCamp Seattle on a whim, with no idea what I’d speak on, coming up with it on the fly as I was filling out the application form, and was accepted.

And even though I was a late addition and had some challenging things happen in the 3 weeks leading up to the event (my aunt passed away a few days after being accepted, then my cat died a few days before the event), my presentation turned out great! Plus, I met some really awesome people!

And I have spoken up on things that matter to me. I have shared my opinions and my thoughts even when I felt overwhelmed or afraid. I have shared my knowledge and my expertise even when I wasn’t confident.

Bold has challenged everything I know, everything I believe in. It’s challenged my vision, my mission. And it’s given me strength and peace of mind.

As I’ve been reflecting on this year and looking ahead to next year, I have to be honest – when my word for 2020 came up, I was GRUMPY about it. I didn’t want THAT word to be my word. I resisted it.

Not only that, I was judgmental about it! Because it’s a word that’s been thrown around in the online space often in recent years. I even spent some time going through other words and synonyms to find something I liked better.

Yet I knew that was THE word. . .


Now, when I choose a word – or when a word chooses me LOL – it has more than just one meaning.

For example, BOLD was about having courage and confidence in myself and my abilities as well as my reminder to speak up for others who have no voice. To call out injustice and malice and to remember that all voices matter.

I am my brother’s keeper and my sister’s keeper. Because this life thing? It takes a village. And that village is all of us. WE ARE THE VILLAGE.

ELEVATE has a two-fold purpose as well. . .

On a personal level, it’s about cultivating prosperity and nurturing growth and the boldness I’ve been leaning into this year. Uplifting myself and my family into more sustainable, long-term wealth.

It’s also about recovery.

Because the truth is, having my ex-husband in our space for 10 months – when it was supposed to be a few weeks – was very detrimental to my mental health. So ELEVATE is also about restoration and reclamation.

It’s also my reminder to encourage and to uplift others. To ELEVATE and magnify and cheer others on. To be the lighthouse.

To help others see their own magnificence. And live into their dreams, to create something meaningful.

And most of all, to foster love and truth and peace in every encounter.

Because love IS the light that will lead to peace.

And because we are the village.

So, my word for 2020 is ELEVATE.

How about you? Have a chosen a word for the brand new decade yet?


3 thoughts on “For about 15 years now, I’ve chosen a ThemeWord every year to reflect my desires”

  1. How cool! I remember one year when elevate was my word.

    2020 is Foundation. To create foundation for mastery, and setting up the next several years so we can get to our goals of relocation, investment etc)

  2. Mine is Flow .

    It means keeps a schedule & getting things done
    It means simplifying
    It means things will be completed or come with ease

    Last year was simplify – I did mostly planning to make the shift happen for 2020. LOTS of changes in place to make it happen.

    Year before was Growth – Did that, LOTS of visibility & building relationships

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