First day of spring, Mercury Retrograde coming to an end soon, a special amazing

First day of spring, Mercury Retrograde coming to an end soon, a special amazing moon to be seen tonight. . .

AND my kiddo – who’s a senior in high school this year – is fundraising for a special school trip with the marching band where she’s first chair flute this year. . .

If you don’t know her story, here’s a snippet –

When she was in 8th grade, just after Thanksgiving in 2014, she tried to end her life. She was taken our local hospital where they were ill-equipped to handle a – literally – dying teenager so she was emergency transported to Seattle Children’s Hospital an hour away.

She spent weeks there. And I stayed with her every step of the way. Learning and healing right alongside her.

Today she’s a thriving 18 year old, not only attending high school classes every day, but college classes too.

And she’s first chair flute in band for the 3rd year straight.

AND she’s working a part time job.

But we’re short for the annual LHS marching band trip to Disneyland and this is her last year.

We’ve already paid the majority of it but after losing her both paternal grandparents last fall and my youngest son breaking his arm a few months ago so badly he required surgery,

We’re just kinda strapped right now.

And yet, we have so much to be grateful for including beautiful spring weather today, the amazing moon we should be able to see tonight, and of course, 2 healthy and healing kiddos!

So. . .

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