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  1. Oh Hell Yessss. There ARE complicated parts to any study but the basics, the foundation, the scaffolding of it all, is sooooo much more simple. I was one of THOSE gals, total New Ager – from the late 70’s šŸ˜‰ – so I know. I also know that the longer I work and teach the more I find that the simple every day language is the best for 90% of the conversations about this stuff. Simple language creates bridges. Fluffy crap just flutters away into ungrounded BS. There. I said it šŸ™‚ I have compassion for myself and others who go through that stage. But it is a stage. It is honestly a relief to have it all be so utterly mundane and clear most of the time (not that there aren’t highs from time to time). A lot easier on my nervous system šŸ™‚ not to mention living in this world.

  2. Shahkina Lakhanii

    Annie S. Anderson amen to that. I am one of those people who has almost left the “spiritual community” several times for the lack of personal accountability, spiritual by passing and gaslighting in addition to what you have explained so eloquently.

    I think “spiritual groups” need to have discussions like these often so we can remain grounded. Like have coffee and chat live calls where we talk about grounded spirituality to help each other with accountability and refraining from using elitist terms, among other things.šŸ’—

  3. Margaret Lachat

    I have been studying spirituality, aka metaphysics for 25 years. In all this time I have never heard it referred to as energy uploads, downloads or high vibe, etc. by anyone I have come in contact with or in any of the groups I belonged to. It must be a west coast thing? Lol, although I do know many of my spiritual friends live on the west coast and have never used that term. We definitely travel on different spiritual circles if that’s the case. I purposefully stay away from spiritual groups that consider themselves “new age”, a term that went out in the 80s….I did have a doctor say to me the other day, after I told him I’m spiritual but not religious….. You know what, religion is about man made rules, and you know what, spirituality is about man made rules….. Omgosh, that is so incorrect….. Spirituality is about FEELINGS not rules.

  4. Karolyn Tredeau

    In reflecting on vibrations, I noticed the change in the energy about 15-20 years ago. I remember bringing it up in a physical group I was in. At the time, I commented on my feeling that the negative energy in the world seemed to be increasing. Now it seems to have been peaking for the past couple of years! Vibration of the planet is also very viable and measurable.

  5. Long response, thank you for reading in advance.

    Because I’m a curious person, how do you say things in a practical way that still says, I got a [download], or things like energy feels off, etc.? For me, part of the examples above on what spirituality is left out the connection to spirit, or things that can’t be simply explained by the physical body we live in.

    Empathy vs empathic are both very different things (as I know you know). I can see the language being able to be used in an elitist way, but in my experiences, that usually only happens when someone is intentionally using language in that way, versus someone using those types of words because that’s the only frame of reference they have to express themselves in this spiritual context. It’s a framework of language, and in many cases, what we use today is a repackaging of the same type of language that has existed for millennia–“new age” as someone else described above didn’t come out of nowhere, it took the same woo-woo words collected throughout thousands of years and repackaged them to suit the needs of the time. Perhaps we’re in a time where we need to start making spirituality and the practices that come with it more accessible, but at the same time, to blanket statement call an entire framework and language, elitist, which by extension feels like you’re calling the people using such language elitist, feels like a very slippery slope.

    Would you tell an astrophysicist that they’re elitist because they speak in the language and framework they’ve been educated in? Again, I always feel like this is a case-by-case situation rather than a blanket statement, cause some astrophysicists definitely use their education to talk down to people. On the flip side, I often hear people saying people that swear are uneducated, while others say swearing shows a different level of intelligence. So these judgments cut both ways. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    If a spiritual person and a logical person, both of which will presumably use wildly different language to express themselves, and arguably both sides could label the other elitist, it seems more productive to have both sides ask, “I really don’t understand what you’re saying here, can you speak about this in a language I’ll understand?” And then a dialogue can occur where they both try to find common ground. We can’t always communicate in ways that every single person will understand, because learning styles and communication styles are so varied. And usually, that just means we’re not each other’s people, and that’s OK.

    Final example, to bring it to me, I work in SEO, the way I learned to speak, the words I use, etc all could be perceived as elitist if I chose not to “read the room” and know my audience. I could seem unapproachable, and granted I’m not trying to conflate spirituality with more mundane things, but it’s a similar concept, rather than requiring me to change how I speak, why can’t we just work together to try to find a language that is common to both of us, without sacrificing ourselves in the process?

  6. I find the biggest disservice to spirituality teachings, are those instances

    – when terminology that within the original context beautifully embodies the conveyed message,

    – but then another who has NOT bothered to embody (try it on for size) the concept, simply throws the terms around (totally out of context) as a means to peacock or present (“trendy/popular/something new; therefore wanted” for attention/positioning, etc).

    = this is the dis-connect, listening to someone use the terms who energetically do not deeply ‘know’ the meaning of the words, the energy does not match their words.

    * that being said, we all connect with different words to embody/understand/explain our varied experiences.
    I totally acknowledge that my definition may vary from another’s. So then, the best way forward may be to emphasize, with those with whom you’re speaking; ‘in my experience, and in this context, this is why I use this word; in other words elaborate.

    I think moving forward in the vein of understanding and seeking to be understood, we must allow for these side bars, a conversation is best served when those involved are on the same page. Easily done, and it is in these conversations, that all are allowed to evolve their understandings.

    Just my two bits … wishing everyone a lovely day šŸ˜€

  7. Annie S. Anderson

    LOL apparently, there were a few people who didn’t agree with my post and have unfriended me over it. Oops. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

  8. Iā€™m a tad guilty of some jargon, but had this exact conversation today. Iā€™m so fed up with people using nonsense terms that makes it inaccessible to the masses. It needs to be accessible… šŸ’—

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