Back in 2014, my world came crashing down for a second time – after the construc

Back in 2014, my world came crashing down for a second time – after the construction company stuff – when my 14 year daughter ended up in Children’s Hospital after a suicide attempt.

The day after her birthday. Which happened to be the evening of Thanksgiving.

We were woken up in the middle of night, early Friday morning by police and paramedics pounding on the door. Because my daughter had posted something – thankfully! – on her Instagram that sent alarms to a friend of hers who then told his mom, who then called everyone she could until she found our address and then called 911.

I am thankful every single day for them. For that phone call. For pounding on the door. For being woken up in the middle of the night.

And again, my saving grace, the things that kept me grounded, that allowed me to be grounded for my daughter, to help her through her trauma, were the rituals and practices and tools I had been honing for a decade before then.

Now more than ever, we need support systems in our lives.

Not just self-care.
Not just a network of friends and family.
Not just coping mechanisms.

Because listen – coping mechanisms are bandaids, at best. What we need right now are real systems and tools that we can build on, that will keep us grounded in truth and love.

Practices that allow us to breathe in the face of adversity.
That allow us to reach beyond our pain and discomfort.
That allow us to continue to hope.

Practices that allow us to believe.
That allow us to aspire to something greater.
That allow us to dream and to live and to desire.

Even when everything around us is falling apart.

And I’d love to share my rituals and practices with you. That’s why I created a 30 day program, filled with thought-provoking, grounding, inspiring, habits, methods, and routines that will allow you to be the calm within the storm.

So that even when you’re faced with fear and uncertainty, you can not only acknowledge it, not only process it and move through it, but move forward, successfully, on a solid foundation.

Make no mistake – what I’ll be sharing with you isn’t about just pushing through it. It’s not about shoving things down or not feeling things. Quite the opposite.

We *are* going to be bringing all that stuff to the surface. And we’re going to learn to process it in healthy ways. In sustainable ways. We’re going to walk through it, process it, integrate it, and let it go.

We’re going to make space from the inside out for our visions and dreams to incubate and manifest in amazing ways, as if by magic.

And I know it’s all possible.

Because I’ve walked through it. Now I’m going to help you do that, too.

Look, I know times are hard and uncertain right now. The world is changing in massive ways right before our eyes. I know it’s difficult to look ahead. I know it’s hard to see the way forward.

And that’s why I’m committed to you.

Together, we’ll get through this.

We’re starting Monday, April 13th and through then, I’m offering a Pay What You Want deal. After that, it’s going up to $197.

Follow the link in the comments to join us.


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