As a Navy vet, I love the American flag. . . I love that it stands for communi

As a Navy vet, I love the American flag. . .

I love that it stands for community – a nation of independent states who came together to support each other.

I love that it stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A symbol of freedom and democracy and hope. A beacon to the downtrodden, to the lost, to the forgotten.

A beacon to those whose desire for a life of meaning and dreams and possibility compels them to risk everything to seek it.

But today, I’m sad.

I’m sad for America because instead of embracing those who are different from us; instead of welcoming seekers with open arms and minds and hearts, we have become a nation of self-serving, privileged, intolerant snobs.

And that breaks my heart. Not just as a Navy vet; not just as an American; but as a human.

Because that’s all we are: HUMAN.

There is no “other.”

We are all a part of the same tapestry. A colorful, vibrant tapestry of humanness. Each of unique, each of us whole, each of us worthy of this life we’ve been given.

Division is a man-made construct. At our utmost core, we are ALL the same. We are all human. What separates us is within our own minds and hearts. What separates us is learned behavior, learned attitude. Separation itself is a man-made concept.

The truth is. . . we are not separate. We are not separate from god, from the creator. We are not separate from love. And we are not separate from each other. What is within each of us, is within all of us. And at our soul, we are all love.

My greatest desire on this planet is to see the elimination of separation, to see a world filled with love and peace. And I believe we can do this in One Generation.

There is only ONE RACE – the Human Race. And when we can STOP dividing ourselves by ANY means, THEN. . . then and only then can we KNOW peace on this planet.

If you desire to make a difference, if you desire to make an impact that affects the world, an impact that creates global change, then please join me at the One Generation Peace Project. And please, share it with others.

Together, we can create a world of peace and love in One Generation. ❤


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