And we’re back!!! AND THE VERDICT IS IN!!! It’s the 4 bedroom house with the o

And we’re back!!!


It’s the 4 bedroom house with the office. We just love it! We pulled up to it and it just felt right.

Then we walked in and right from the entrance, just loved everything about it. The flow, the layout, it’s pretty open but not *totally* open.

The office is right off the front door, just around the corner so not *right* AT the door but easily accessible. Tucked around the corner from everything yet kinda secluded too.

AND the office already has built in cabinets for storage and french doors so I can have it open or closed when needed. It’s totally perfect!

And when y’all said the RED ONE. . . guess what??

The inside of this one is red! All the accents are a reddish maroon. . . in the little alcoves above the fireplace, in the kitchen, in the office and the powder room, and even the tone of the hardwood floor is a reddish color.

Plus the location is super awesome. Very easy to get anywhere – just down the hill to Nathan’s work, his school is about 14 minutes away, mom’s church is about 10 minutes, and it’s a straight shot down the highway to Allison’s work.

We did go look at the others and we liked them but weren’t thrilled with the neighborhood the little red one is in – the houses are super close together, little (well, NO) parking, and not even any sidewalks!

Before we left, we told the agent who was at this open house that we’re planning to write an offer so he could let the listing agent know.

I think this is my favorite house since the original one we had under contract that fell through last October. It’s comparable to that house – with an even better back yard.

Oh, speaking of the backyard – it has a covered built in grill/outdoor kitchen!! Which is awesome because we like to BBQ year round. And the yard is totally secluded – neither of the neighboring homes have windows that can see into the backyard.

Gonna make sure our lender has everything we need and get an offer in as soon as we can.

Here are full size pics if you wanna take a peek!

Oh, and get this – the street it’s on is CHAMPIONS DRIVE. How cool is that?

(In case you don’t remember – CHAMPION was my word of the year a couple of years ago 🙂 )


34 thoughts on “And we’re back!!! AND THE VERDICT IS IN!!! It’s the 4 bedroom house with the o”

  1. I use to live in Gleneagle. Alee’s dad and I bought a house in there. I loved the area but the HOA rules are ridiculous. I hope they’ve changed. The house must be nice. Everything on Champions in Gleneagle is pretty nice. Good luck!! ❤️

  2. Margaret Lachat

    I’m so happy you’re bidding on the one you like! Will it be a written bid to the owner? If so, play up your Navy career! When I bought my last home I had just got married to my late husband and I wrote all about meeting him, our first home together, etc . She was so touched by my story she gave it to us and we weren’t even highest bid. That’s the key…. Tell a great story about what the house would mean to you and your family. ❤️ to you on this one Annie!

  3. What a long and arduous saga you have been through to get here. I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out and that it turns out your waiting was only so you could have access to this one! <3

  4. Annie S. Anderson

    I added captions to the photos and added a couple more, one of the builtins in the office area too

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    Annie, I just love every thing about this house: it would be so easy to change the tiles, and even open up the dining room later. I hope you get this as “home!”

  6. awww.. congratulations on finding the perfect home! Sending good vibes that all the paper work goes through smoothly and this home becomes yours.

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